Elizabeth Johnson

Beth's Thoughts
2001-03-17 00:14:22 (UTC)

3-16-01 Well, I lost my best..


Well, I lost my best friend today. Tessa moreless ended our
friendship. She totally has pushed me away for a supposed
girl she hates. Then I have no clue how I feel about
anything else. I'm just dumbfounded about the Tessa thing.
I just wanna break off all arrangements I have now and say
screw it. Just give up so I don't have the headache
anymore. I mean give EVERYTHING up. I'm in the mood to just
cry, but yet know I shouldn't. Nobody to talk to, and
nobody to wanna talk to. I'm just here. I don't know what
else to do. I'm goin to go and try to figure it out. Bye!