Not So Pretty

burn out
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2001-10-31 22:48:02 (UTC)

KniFe PaRty

yeah well...surprisingly I got 2 messages today, and I was
kinda...I dunno. But it just seemed strange to have
someone else read my journal/diary thingy. Big deal, but oh
well, I'll get over it. HA! I only had to go to school 1
day this week and that was Monday. All becuz my sister's
boyfriend is here. so like.....YAY for Troy! oh well.
He's kewl. But he has to go to my cousin's halloween party
tonight which he really doesn't want to cuz he hates my
cousin because of something that he did to my sister and I
when we were little kids. But we won't get into that. in
any event I decided to tell you about when I went to the
scaregrounds with my friends. well... to my surprise
Chelsea's little sister Cali who's 11 decided to go with
us. and it was kewl and everything. But she got really
scared when the clown's with chainsaw's came out and ran
around the people in the line's. so she didn't want to go.
she was sooooo fucking scared but I just held her and told
her that it was okay, and i tried to comfort her. but she
decided not to go and so my sister took her outside and
stayed with her. And Chelsea got so fucking pissed at her
and I'm like... "Chelsea please don't get mad at her, she's
just a little kid." but chelsea and Kristina were both
bitching at her after we got through the whole thing. but
oh well. So anywayz we were all standing in line (the
whole four of us left) and Chelsea's like...."Jessica don't
be surprised if I just all the sudden leap into your arms
when we're in there" and I'm like...."Okay Chelsea let's
try it out!" so she jumped into my arms. it was quite
scary, and I could only imagine all the people staring at
us thinking that we must have been lesbian lovers or
something. It was quite interesting. But n e wayz.... we
got in there and we had to go with the two people in front
of us (a guy and a girl) cuz 6 people had to go in at a
time. and anywayz, so we got in there and the first thing
that popped up.....Chelsea screamed bloody murder! it was
actually the scariest part of the whole thing. and I held
on to her the whole time and she just kept telling me that
she was soooo fucking scared and I just tried to help her
out by holding onto her tightly, but then a clown with a
chainsaw was running after her and that just kinda shook
her up a lil bit. But after all of that, it was okay,
honestly nothing scared me except for like...when I ran
into the people in front of us cuz whe you're walking
through the maze it looks like the people in front of you
are moving, even if they're not and so you run into them.
and the guy was really cute though so like...I think I ran
into him a couple of times...I dunno if it was on purpose
or what.....but i wouldn't be surprised. oh well. oh
well. I think I'm gonna go now.. and for those of you who
sent me lil fucking rock! bye bye!


P.S the whole purpose of the title was becuz...well two

1) it's a fucking awesome song (by Deftones)
2) I was planning on having a little knife party of my own
tonight. which will work out perfectly since Kat and Troy
are gonna go watch a movie, and then my parents will go to
the casino and I'll be left with well....myself.

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