a little piece of me
2001-10-31 22:46:40 (UTC)

what the hell?

alright, first i'm going to bitch about how fucking tired i
am. ugh. i went to be around midnight and got up at six
this morning. that just didn't cut it. i did the same
thing the night before, so i'm totally wiped out now. i
need more sleep!!! i'm going to bed early tonight. thank
god i don't have to get up until 9:00 tomorrow. i just
can't handle this gettin up early thing. i know, i
know...it's my own fault. if i would study the day before,
i wouldn't have to get up so damn early to study for my
tests. i don't know what my problem is this semester.
last year, i had a 4.0. this year, i don't think i'm
getting any a's. maybe one. and i'm getting one c. the
rest are b's. i'm just having such a hard time focusing on
things and feeling motivated. i guess it's senioritis or
something. who the hell knows.

alright, enough of bitching about school. i do that way
too much. so, last night, my friend heather's (hey
heather!!) boyfriend told me he had a crush on me. this is
aweful! i mean, heather told me that once before, but i
thought she was kidding! then he told me. i feel like a
total asshole. i really do. heather said not to feel bad,
but i can't help it. she's such a great person. if
michael told me he had a crush on some girl, i'd be jealous
as hell. it would be bad enough that it was a stranger,
but to be a friend? i'd be pissed. i know, i'm a psycho.
i dunno...i'm sorry heather.

big yawn. geez, i'm tired. i could go sleep right now and
never get up...that would be so nice. i'm starving, too.
i haven't eaten anything yet today. i think i might order
a pizza, since i don't have anything in this house to eat.
i hate to spend that much money, but a pizza will last me a
couple of meals. it's only 4:30...i think i'll wait til

well, tonight is trick-or-treating. there's supposed to be
a blue full moon tonight. that only happens like once
every couple of decades. of course, it's cloudy here and
looks like it could rain. figures. i'm not passing out
candy this year, but i got some for the kid next door. his
name is eric, and he's 9 i think. i told him to come by
and show me his costume...lol. i got him a couple of big
candy bars. hehe, his parents are going to love me. last
year, not very many people came, so i gave him like 2 lbs
of candy that i had leftover. he enjoyed it...lol. they
have this dog (dalmation..too cute) that stays out in the
back. her name is ally and she's the friendliest thing
i've ever met. the neighbors said i could play with her
any time i want to. i thought that was cool. i buy dog
biscuits for her. i haven't been over to play with her in
a long time. life has been catching up with me. tomorrow,
i'll make time to go play with her. animals always cheer
me up.

tomorrow i'm going to go see a movie playing at the foreign
film series. it's not foreign, and i can't remember what
it's called, but it sounds really good. it's making fun of
all those reality shows...i hope it's good. i love foreign
movies. there's a german one showing next week. i haven't
missed a german film since i've been here. my german's a
little rusty, though. ich vergessen zu viele. that's what
subtitles are for, right?

ok, so that's enough bs from me for one day. i'm too
hungry to wait til 5, so i'm ordering my pizza now. happy
halloween everyone.