Petal Dew Drops
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2001-10-31 22:15:42 (UTC)

So mad

I was sooooo mad at my bf so i wrote him this. Then I
thought I should be more christianly and aware of his
feelings so I sent him something else.

You wait for me to do everything. I'm tired of it. I
tried to make you a picture. You didn't even comment on
it, and you never do. You don't read my posts, and
probably don't care about replying to them...why? THen
you expect me to tell you everything you need to do. ALL
of the Time. I'm not your maid, nor your advice
columnist. I'm your gf and we are suppose to be equal. Me
for you and YOU FOR ME too. I don't see that 2nd part
coming into place much. Nothing can I do. I'm sorry that
I didn't stay on the phone with you b/c you wanted me to,
but I don't think that gives you the right to treat me like
this. I invited you over b/c I know I was lacking and I
don't want you to feel unsatisfied, but you didn't take
advantage of it and I HAVE MORE THINGS IN MY LIFE THAN
YOU. You always think I'm waiting on you and have nothing
but you....yeah yeah you say you understand but you expect
me to drop everything. I expect you to, true but it's not
fair and you aren't helping the situation none. You are so
naive and helpless and weak and it makes me sick to be with
you!!!! *SCREAM*

But I got over it...and I realize now that I feel much
better with what I actually sent than this.


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