Blood and Chocolate
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2001-10-31 21:57:56 (UTC)

Spork necklace, dog collars . . . .

Hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here . kati and I just finished making my
sister look all gowth !!!! Haha ! Its so cool ! We dredded
her hair, made her make up black and everything, she is
wearing my spork necklace ( any questions write me and i
will explain) , and a bunch of like spikey dog collars and
chain collars !!!!!! LOL !!!! She is wearing all black
with my bar code shirt ! its so superwicked cool !!!!!!
Well kati and I are going to go call Brent and ask him to
come over and also go carve pumpkins and watch buffy !!!!!
So I gotta bounce !