What's on my mind
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2001-10-31 20:41:22 (UTC)

Finally some work

I finally have some work to a work. I know this must
be a new concept, I mean who works at work. Well I guess I
do now. For about a month now I have had pretty much no
work to do. All the web sites that I work on have been
finished and the trouble tickets that I gatekeep have been
slim to none due to the fact that the systems that we haved
designed are getting more and more stable as time goes on.
But finally there is a bug in one the sites and I get to
fix it. Yeah! I must be nuts. I am happy during chaos.
Why is that? Oh well whatever. At least this will keep me
busy for at least one day. I just need some work to do
here besides the little everyday routine stuff. I need
challenges. Soon more enhancements will be on the way for
me to do. I just have to wait for managment to fight out
the requirements for those enhancements. Which means it
will be a while. Just thought you should know. Later.

P.S. Can't wait to see Enterprise tonight. They have first
contact with the Andorians. That should be cool.