LiL Georgia Girl
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2001-10-31 19:32:14 (UTC)

Just Another Day in HELL!!!!!!!

Well Where The Hell Do i begin thing's were going good
intil today i guess i over recate but he just makes me mad
sometimes, today he started out by tell me he wanted to
talk to me about something, but then he said never mind he
didnt wanna piss me off, well that did it pissed me off bad
because he started something and didnt finish..., i hate
when people do that and espicaly him. godddddd i do not
know what to do he makes me think he loves me so much and
only wants to be with me. then there are other times that
he just wants phone sex and when he dont get it he seems to
get pissed at me for it..., is he only with me for sex?
does he only want me there for sex? does he only wanna call
me for sex? these are question's that run tho my head
when he does thing's like he did tonight he also told him i
hung up on him a few times leavein him with his dick in his
hand is that true... have i really done that? i dont know
and never will know i read his diary almost every night and
it never said nothing about that, god i dont know what to
do i love this guy more then i love my self but theres not
good thing's running tho my had right now, i feel so stupid
and mad and pissed still i donno what to say or do, he
tell's me he cant get on right now his internet is down but
time we hung up the phon he jump's on umm wondering? well
me to, then he tell's me he dont want me on pal talk or
whatever but he sit's on paltalk every day all day talking
but mad on my one day off i am doing it damn why?
does he not trust in me? does he think i am doing
something wrong? i donno these are question running tho my
mind right now, all i want is to get along with him and it
doesn't look so great.... thing's always seems to happen at
the last min., grrrrr i am so sick and tried of this
internet bull shit and internet love i just wanna make it
come true, but the way thing's keep looking nothing is true
anymore this is like a fantasy is it ever gonna come true
or be like this for ever..... grrrrr i wish i had the
answer to these question's..., well thanks for reading but
i am out to think about some shit thanks for reading and
hope you come back

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