Tinker Bell's daily amount of goofy
2001-10-31 19:20:04 (UTC)


OK, so I'm posting once more, before Halloween actually
begins around here. I'm almost done with my ESM costume. I
just need to sew some things; it needs some tweaking, too.
Today, I decided to fail one of my uni subjects, so it
won't bother me till next year, coz actually it's not going
so well.
I bought a movies magazine today, on the way from Uni. It
has an article bout the HP movie...I didn't know that
Daniel didn't have green eyes! Yep, they had to add those
digitally, coz Daniel couldn't stand contacts. Good for
him. I can't stand 'em either...luckyly, I don't even wear
glasses, so I actually don't need 'em. Hem...cool, Kenneth
Branagh's gonna be on the 2nd HP movie (as Lockhart). Gotta
love Kenneth...