My Journey to Motherhood and Life
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2001-10-31 19:18:43 (UTC)


I have been feeding my baby its first halloween candy,
and it likes it! I didn't throw it up! I have had a hard
time lately. Hopefully I will feel better soon.I am now in
my 10th week.
I hope there is no terrorism today, it is truly a kids'
My husband finally caught on and started cleaning up the
kitchen. I have really spoiled him up until now. I hope to
continue spoiling him once I feel better.
I knew that pregnancy wouldn't be easy, but this has been
harder than I imagined. I know some have it harder. but I
am feeling sorry for myself. At least I can take time off
from work and we can still survive on my husband's salary, I
hope. I have been too sick to spend any money, so that
helps! If anybody has any pregnancy tips, I'd love to hear
them. Ann