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2001-10-31 19:10:53 (UTC)

New beginnings

I haven't written in this diary for about 2 months now.
I've left my old life behind and started a fresh one 700
miles away. Sometimes I wonder why I did it, but it's
something that I have to do now. I can't quit or let it
beat me. I'm stubborn like that. My new job is pretty
good, I'm using my brain for the first time in a job. I
seem to have exchanged out of work hours happiness for work
happiness. I don't tell anyone how much I miss Edinburgh,
my friends, the city, the attitude, everything. To cut a
long and moaning story short I'm homesick.

The people here aren't wierd enough for me. Soooo, normal
and the population are even worse. Small minded or what.
I hang out with a bunch of people from work, and they are
nice enough - but obviously my expectations are of great
friends like I left behind.

Things aren't great between me and my girlfriend either.
She's three hours away and I think that might be too much
for me. And because I've had this thought then I'm less
willing to commit to her now, so it becomes easier to let
go etc etc etc. I'll come back to that another time. In
fact I'll do this another time too.

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