2001-10-31 17:20:07 (UTC)

I AM A FUR!! ^_^

Hehe well by the title you probably know already that this
guys a fur. LOL I don't know if I can explain to ya'll
what exactly it is you'll just have to look it up on the
web. (Hay that's what its for :P) Anyway my name is
Jashire its a name I've grown very accustomed to now. I'm
a blackleopard(panther) 5'9'' 285lb lineman for my football
team at my local college ^_^. Yes, I know I'm short for a
lineman but I can hold my own. Anyway..

I am a fur, and I love it ^_^

I am a fur, the animal soul inside of me screams to be let
out anywhere I go

I am a fur, a cat, a feline, big and powerful, but kind and

I am a fur, I can purr and meow, I can scritch and play

I am a fur, a nightcat, with the darkness surrounding me
and the moon to be my guide I cherish the night. In its
beauty and it silence.

I am a fur, I have one love, one lion. He is the best thing
to ever happen to me. He is my sun and I am his moon. We
are worlds apart yet it means nothing to me. I will love
him forever. And one day I will get to him, and we will
never be apart any more. He is my junior, not by much mind
you...but in all his youth he is so wise. Many know him
for his knowledge of trivial things...I know him for his
knowledge of love. Not mating, but love. We help
eachother, we both know we are purrfect together. There is
nothing that will ever stop me from holding him in my arms
and giving him love, my love everlasting. I can't give him
the world, can't give him big houses and cars, I can't give
him platinum chains and gold watches. I can't take him on
trips around the globe, I can't take him to the fanciest
parties. I can only give him the little I have, I can only
give him my love and compassionship. I can only give him
me...and I know to him (as he is to me) THAT is the world.

I am a fur, I have furends, a lion and a fox who are
special to me. They are nice as any fur should be.
Sharing what they have and making my loneliness fade
everytime I see them. I don't think they really know what
they mean to me but if you two read this...know that I
appreciate you so much.

I am a fur, I have a family, my parents, my brother. None
know of what I am...I don't care to tell my parents, but my
brother will know soon. He is my bestfriend. Apart from
my mate he is the one that I most want to be around. My
little bro., in the airforce. We are inseparable I am so
glad that he is my brother he dosen't know how much he
means to me. I love him so much and that is no lie. He is
the best. I have a father and mother...though not totally
understanding of me, they are my rocks. They thought me
all I know and they keep my encouraged. I look at them and
marvel, they have been together for a long, long time and
that is no small feet. My father strong and courages,the
man I want to be when I get out on my own. He came out
and made something of himself when others told him he
couldn't. My mother smart and beautiful...a woman of
greatness. The person who loves me no matter what. A
great woman of the army and of the church.

I am a fur, I have me. Robert, though I prefer to be
called my middle name Raphel (don't ask about the spelling,
that is how it is). I have limitless potential, and soon I
will shine as a paralegal, and then on to becoming my
dream. I don't know exactly what kind of lawyer I want to
be, I guess in my paralegal studies I will figure that
out. I am a football player, a center. I am a fur of good
stature. A good and loving cat who will help, out as much
as I can, any one who needs it. I am not purrfect buy any
means, but I try to be the best me I can be.

I am a fur, a bigcat, a panther,

I am Jashire

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