2001-03-16 22:02:52 (UTC)

Today went fine, better at the..

Today went fine, better at the very end.

I hate Sex Education! We have this idiot teacher who is a
bit perverted. She makes us read this disgusting, imbecilic
book that's magazine store novel bordering on pornography.
And our homework next week is to compare it to a thing in
the Bible. Ugh.

Math is bothering me these days. I absolutely love it, and
our teacher's really funny and good-humored, but it just
doesn't click in my mind. It's very frustrating. My father
was an economist and my mother is pretty good (though I've
always seen her use a calculator for finding her students'
averages). We had a quiz today and I'm sure it got a horrid
grade. I'm smart in just about everything else, though.
Except at summarizing.

We also had class elections in Homeroom. I didn't really
expect to win, or even be nominated. But I'm class
treasurer now! That's a big deal. For one thing, I was new
last year, and usually old-timers are elected. Secondly, I'm
not overly extroverted. But out of a class of 26, I got
something like 22 votes. I am pretty psyched. E is also on
the board! This is great. I feel elated.

'Til Monday.