2001-10-31 16:12:52 (UTC)


Dan.. that's all this is about....Dan, Well Dan is one
really cool kid you know.Um...and we get along really well
and he's just great. Well ok I was talking to my friend
April and I was talking about James and all this other
stuff and she was telling me that my low self-esteem is the
reason that I'm not with anyone. Um...and she was saying
that If I want to be with someone or want something to
happen I need to make it happen for myself and all that sp
yeaterday I sat down and wrote Dan a note, and it said that
basicly that I liked him in 9th for a while and that I
liked him in 10th for a while and that I guess some
feelings were creepin up on me now. And it said that I like
him and if theres nothin on the other side of that that it
was fine as long as were still friends and nothing
changes...Damn he owes me two dollars!!!