2001-10-31 15:37:29 (UTC)

Happy Halloween-2001, OD has Crashed, HoneyBear

Dear Diary:
Honey bear thanked me for being his companion and lover last night over msn messenger. He had forgotten his e-mail password to get into his email account.

He is so sweet. This is why I nicnamed him honey-bear. He is so sweet!!!

Opendiary is crashed once again. I can not get into it to post. I have opened up a diary over at teen diary to post into.

Today is Halloween. Happy Halloween to all.

Just another day . Tomorrow is Pay-day for me.
Tomorrow is a holy day of obligation for me as well.

You are welcome Honey-Bear. If I can bring and give you any happiness I am glad to do it.
Wish I could do more. Like the one thing you really want. Sigh!

Love AmericanIrishRose
Karissa Anne