aris' thoughts
2001-10-31 15:28:23 (UTC)


Happy Halloween!!! Mistress called and said She would not
be back online until Thursday so after watching the Devils
win in ot..... again ..... yeahhhhh!!!!! i went to bed.
woke up this morning feeling good but a little uneasy for
as i knelt by my Mistress candle and said my morning prayer
to Her i remembered my instructions for the day. ..grins. i
was just getting kids together to catch the school bus when
the phone rang.. guess who?? was Mistress!!! i could
feel my face flush and i wish i had been alone to be able
to say good morning my Mistress, thank You for calling Your
pet Mistress, i have missed You but with both children at
my side unfortunately i did not have the chance to. that
time is coming for sure. ok so here i am at my moms
cleaning doing my 20 on 10 off ritual while doing so and
thinking of Mistress. nipples becoming delightfully sore
but the best is yet to come for Mistress pet today. i am to
go do my grocery shopping *btw Mistress said no panties
today*... and with my jeans which i picked out a pair that
are a little snugger than usual and my clamps on the whole
time, Mistress ordered me to think of Her behind me
watching me as my swollen, tormented clit rubbs against the
fabric of my jeans. *it already is* unfortunately i made
the mistake of picking out a loose but short sweater and
am sure before i end my chores at my moms there will be an
obvious wet spot between my leggs. as i walk thru the
Shoprite feeling Mistress firm grip at my nipples, the
chain hanging close to my flesh on my stomach and my
swollen, tormented clit rubbing against the hard seem of my
jeans Mistress has ordered me to cum right there if i need
*which i know i will* god what day !!!! thank You my
Mistress, Your pet loves tasking for You Mistress and am
thankful for all the joys You allow me to have. i am sure i
will not have to wait til i get back in my van to release
in servitude to my Mistress and this has me over excited,
will actually be my first 'public' cum. i have been in
public before but always ran to bathroom ...not today and i
think not ever again...