**My L!F3...$huX** L0L
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2001-10-31 14:04:04 (UTC)

WTF.. He LoVeS Me??? LoL

WeLL, I haven't had much of a day, really boring. I got
home from work at around.. lets say.. 8am. Went for my
usual walk around the block (in jeans and a skivvy.. LOL)
yeah, went shopping (WiNdOw sHoPPiNg!) then got home at
around 3pm. I crashed out TOTALLY on the bed when i got
home and woke up the my FaVoRiTe GuRLs tryna wake me up for
VoCo Practise! Didnt really matter tho coz it got
cancelled. Anyways, when they left, I was talkin to mah
Bro Robby Rob, he sed that last nite he was talkin to Caleb
and Caleb sed that he loves me.. LOL, I told Robby, nah man,
you got it wrong, he would've sed "like" instead of "love".
Rob sed nah, Caleb sed that he loves me and cant get any
sleep (awwww... poor baby!) Caleb told him that he can't
sleep coz he can't stop thinking about me, so all he does
is listen 2 muzik and draw the whole nite. hehehe.. the
affect I have on guys huh?!? j/ks! Honestly, I can't stop
thinkin bout his A$S too. Everytime I have a spare moment
to myself I find myself thinkin bout him! He was suggesting
to Rob, what if we went out and not let anyone know apart
from the people we trust (WeLL, the only person I trust at
the mo is my GuRL AnGeL!) So she'd be the only person I tell
if that did happen. I dunno, I might have 2 think about
it. The only people that know the WhoLe StoREE is Angel and
Missy. And they've both given me the same advice *to at
least give him a try*

I think I see Caleb tomorrow, he might be comin over to stay
fo' the weekend, so wish me luck and I'LL keep u updated
wiff wut happens n stuff...

I wus talkin to MiSSy last nite, told her some stuff, and
she told me her problems as well, and DAYUM, hers are more
complicated than mine... like... WAYYY complicated. Shes
goin out wiff this guy, since she was 3rd form in
College, now shes 21 and she lives with him. She has this
relationship (over the net & phone) with this guy Hans
from Wanganui or sumthing... PLUS on saturday she went to a
surprise party, got wasted, and got with this other guy
called Quentin. The problem is... she likes all 3 of
them. Her boyfriend treats her like shit and shes on lockdown
CONSTANTLY with him on her back, so i think she should
ditch him even tho he's good sumtimes, but "F" that kinda
life with no trust! Quentin, I havent really met, and
Hans, I've only talked to once on the phone (heaps on the
net tho) So yeah, im in the process of writing her an email
given her sum advice on wut i think she needs 2 do.

Anyways, she told me that this guy called Richie used to
like me!! All I remember with Richied is having a drink up
with him AGES ago. And I said.. SO YOU TELL ME NOW HUH??

As for Jared, I haven't really heard from him in a few
days (which is shocking) I really feel for that guy, if he
IS telling the truth about what he's been through and what
he's going through, then I really REALLY feel sorry for
him. Hopefully everything turns out ok for him and Cordz.

WeLL.. thats about it, all my thoughts and feelings for
today.. phew, im knackered, need 2 sleep more.

im outtie
MuCh LoVe OuT 2 YaLL!!
** NeSiAn_GuRL **

PS: Im supposed 2 B on a Diet right? WeLL HELLO im eating
so much Sh*t right now, lets see.. I've got a big packet of
BBQ Kettle Fries on top of my desk, sum indian food
(samosa?!?) and a half a roll on the right of me. If Angel
is reading this... SORRY GURL!!! this is my LAST time...
for realz now... LOL yea yea