2001-10-31 13:37:52 (UTC)


Well, I'm suppose to be at school right now, but I had a
little problem this morning. I will just go after first
block. Anyway, something has been on my mind. Okay, the
situation is that Charvis Johnson didn't make the
basketball team. It's his senior year and he's been playing
since he came to Baldwin....now that we have a new coach
things are different.....AND CHARVIS DIDN'T MAKE THE TEAM.
I feel bad for him because I know that bball was his only
ticket out of here. I don't know exactly what happened, but
it was something about Charvis having a bad attitude. See,
the thing is that I can't go on without saying anything to
Coach Edmonds. I mean, I won't beg him to give Charvis
another chance or anything, but I have to voice my opinion.
I just see it like this, the next level for Charvis is
college....you just don't cut the boy short because of one
incident. Coach Edmonds, as a man, should know that people
make mistakes. I think Charvis should have made the team
and I think Edmonds should have worked with Charvis so he
can work on his attitude. Charvis won't know that he has a
problem until you try to work with him about it. I don't
know....maybe I don't make much sense, but I know how bad
Charvis wants this. One time over the summer, we went to
Walter B. park and sat on the swings....we talked about the
future and what we want it to consist of. I remember him
telling me that bball was going to be his ticket out of
Milledgeville. I just wouldn't be able to walk around with
knowing that I didn't attempt to help my friend out. I
mean, Charvis has changed on me a lot, but I know those
goals in his heart haven't. I'm going to see what I can do.
I know a lot of other people are going to talk to Coach
Edmonds too. I will just see what happens.

Anyways, besides me helping other people...I've been doing
good. I'm still kind of happy from the email Leroy sent me.
It really didn't say too much, but it made me happy. I
don't know when I'll see him again. I'll just be patient.
Well, I guess I better make use of this time I have and
clean up or something. *MS. JLYN*