Electric monkey
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2001-10-31 12:58:02 (UTC)

10-31-01 [halloween, boo!]

still sick. staying home till maybe 3rd period. i have to
go to school, because of yearbook. and stained glass too!
ive got soo much work to do on my project.. and now im
behind. dang it. its due next wednesday. im sure ill be
staying after school bunches!!!!!
so, yeah.
thanks for all the advice about geting better! i got lotsa
messages! me likey! =) good to know ppl actually care.
sittin here... my mum just came home and she comes bearing
POP CYCLES!!!! =) yum. i want one, i want one..
so, for all yous ppl at school, ill see ya around 11-1130!

bye bye
feeling better,

PS-my temp went down to 99. woohoo