Censored For Your Pleasure
2001-10-31 12:10:41 (UTC)

Last nite I had a dream. My dad..

Last nite I had a dream. My dad was beating my brothers.
They were screaming. I don't know where my mother was, I
think she was ignoring it. I was scared but I got up and
made him stop. I pushed him away. He then decided he'd had
enough of me. He pushed me out. He smiled at me as he
closed the door. It was a spiteful "look at what i can do
ner ner" type of sarcastic smile. I had left my phone
inside, I had no money or way of cantacting anyone. I
stood there fretting for a few mins and then decided I
should walk to mark's house and hope he was there. I
checked the backdoor before I left. It was open. I walked
in and started packing a small bag full of clothes and
such. My room was still a mess but it was a different type
of mess like someone had a tempertantrum and destroyed it,
yet it was still calm. I was in a rush, I didn't want my
dad to know I was in there. I turned on the computer and
went to see if there was anyone online. There was but they
were nameless to me and insegnifigant to the dream. I soon
left to walk to mark's house. Somehow I was out in the
country. There was a really long driveway. It was like a
farm at the front. I walked up to the door and was lad
around the back. The back was very different, it was like
a rich suburban place with the backyard sort of on a hill.
It was smaller then the front but still big. The grass was
a really lush green and there were furns and flowers
around the edge. The house was long. The floor was all
wooden and it had big windows. I led to a room. There was
another girl moving some stuff in there too. She kinda
reminded me of nicole. I wanted to contact people so I
went on the computer there. For somereason I had to get
off so I walked to my house and snuck in the backdoor
again. I was tlaking to people online but again they were
nameless. I had too leave soon after though coz I was
scared my dad would find me. I grabbed some more of my
stuff and left. I took it too the house and put it my
room. I didn't like it there. I gave up with looking for
people and decided to walk around till i found them.
That's where the dream ended. Me walking down a road that
sloped downward on a hill.