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2001-10-31 11:53:31 (UTC)

Moody person!

Hi guys!

How have you been doing?

For me, every thing had been going worse in last 4 days.
I won't say anyhting much.

I don't know what was wrong with me.
I was very easy to be angry or feel sad!
By the way, I think that's my real personality!

I'm so happy this week that I'm gonna finish my language

What a lovely week!

I am absent today due to the things that happened yesterday.
I had a headache this morning. I also didn't want to go to
school at all!
Although I know it's not good but I just didn't want to.
Sometime you can't control yourselves.
You just do what you wanna do without thinking about the
problems that will come later.

That is life!

Today, as I didn't go to school, I had breakfast at a cafe with
my family.
I ordered scrambled egg but I got fried egg.
I also went to play ice skate at FOX STUDIO.
umm..... what to say next......

I think that's enough for today.

Thanks for reading my stuffs.

Gotta go.

I hope I'll see you next time!