Karen & Austin~edd=11-15-01
2001-10-31 11:30:39 (UTC)

Repeated creepy Dream

A while ago I dreamed that I was in a town with witches and
they led me down a long set of stairs to a basement
clubhouse at night.It was set up pretty much like a
funhouse.Well these clowns popped out of the closits,couch..
and started shooting people.
Last night I dreamed about my friend and I talking to this
guy.I dont know why I liked him.He reminded me of my bfs
friend brett,who was nice to me in reality.I never got to
know him but he was a jerk in my dream.My maw was pretty
rude to him and he was dramatic enough to leave.I started to
get a nose bleed and I woke up from the dream.Then when I
went back to sleep I was lost and looking for my sisters
house in the rain but I didnt get wet.A little boy about 3
years old with white blonde hair invited me inside but I
left because his parents werent home.I caught up with my
friend,randy and that guy so we all walked together.Now that
the guy and I werent at my house he was rude to me.Him and
Randy blocked me from walking with my friend and they moved
so slow.I pushed randy and he told me"All you have to do is
say something."So then I said"can you move."and he didnt.We
went to this chinese mafiea guys house.He was supposed to
help us but he lead us down a long set of stairs to a
basement.By the second row of steps the dream seemed
fermiliar.I saw the main points of my clown dream like the
closits,couches and other row of upgoing stairs.I should
have tried going up the first row of stairs but I was
freaked out.I told everyone there that we were going to die
and better leave now as I headed up the second row of stairs
to leave.Then I woke up so scared inside that I had to
~~~~Prep to translate~~~~
The key points were my bfs friends,repeats,and being hurt
instead of helped.I remembered what would happen from the
previous dream but I couldnt figure out how to fix it.
I think this type of repeated dream is telling me that my
bf and his friends arent trust worthey to me and I need to
be careful not to make the same mistakes.My bf repeats his
bad features dealing with the presence of our baby which
leads to lots of deep emotional argueing.The dream warns me
that I have to figure out how to fix this before I wake up
to reality.
~~~~Ill look up on dreams~~~~
Weather Bullies repetition Trust
I dont need freuid to tell me how it can be related to sex
or daily emotions.I need a cheap viewpoint of what this
means.Freuid's theories are ones Ive already concluded on my
own so I dont waste my time.