Monties life
2001-10-31 10:29:26 (UTC)

Just sit back and relax... You'll be here awhile...

Dear Diary~
Just how many assholes have cars? It seems to me that
everyone of them gets on the road the minute that I get
into my car! There is ALWAYS the old man in the center
lane that has his blinker on for like an hour without
turning or changing lanes. And then there is the guy who
thinks that he is the only guy on the road. You know the
one. Stereo blasting and riding the doted white line as if
he is making a choice on where he wants to be at that
moment. Oh and don't forget the the lady going 10 in a
40. Note this only happens in rush hour and your car is 15
cars back! I get pissed really easy when stupid people
surround me. It's a curse, I know, but it can't be
helped. Have you ever been stopped at a light and when it
finally turns green, the guy in front of you does nothing?
And 30 seconds later when you finnally get the nerve to
honk your horn, they look at you like you are the scum of
the earth... I think that people should have to take
drivers ed every year. If you don't know what you are
doing, you shouldn't be able to drive, and when you hit the
age of 65 your licence should be taken away from you and a
drive shall be given to you to take you where you need to
go. Cell phones shouldn't be given to idiots. I know it's
off the subject just a bit, but you know it's true. There
is always that one person with one hand on the radio knob
and the other holding the cell phone to the idiots ear.
My age seems to be a problem for a lot of people.
They keep saying that I am too young to be married, but
they can all kiss my ass. They aren't me, and they don't
know me! Some people can be so fucking stupid sometimes.
Most times I just feel like screaming or dying. I think
that sometimes the world would be better off without me...
But i know that's not true. The world would suck without
me. For I am the center of my world. Am I the center of
yours? No? Oh well...
No one ever listens to me. I know that you aren't
reading this whole heartidly. Just looking at the words
hoping that this will end soon, but it won't, so you start
to think. "Why am I reading this? She's not important to
me, well not all that much anyway..." I don't blame you
for thinking these things. Heck, I don't listen to me
Feelings are like rose petles. Sometimes they're
stong and people notice them, but the ones on the inside,
nobody sees. They just stay there, unnoticed, but just as
important as the others. I just thought of that, but if
you want to use it in some important paper that you might
write someday, give me the credit. The name's Lacey...