my entity
2001-10-31 09:35:26 (UTC)

am i an addict? S.O.S!

CHATTERS, read up!!! :p..... having been able to argued to
myself about avoiding CHATTIN or even STOP chatting and all
that, still cant control clickin on the MIRC icon on my
desktop and go to the channels where i used to dwell with.
i just dunno what the heck happened to me and why the hell
am i like this, am i an addict already? gosh..i just hope
not *sighs*

Its been almost a year already since i became a regular
chatter and im quite proud to say that i gained a lot of
cyber friends that were even became close friends in the
end and in the real dimension of life. aside from that known
fact, i have discovered a lot of things in the world that
started out by just sittin here and havin my ass stumble in
my chair for long hours. i have known different forms of
acts and lifestyles that spiced me up and enriched my inner
soul making My QuEsT a more challenging one.

My continuous QuEsT in life that will make me more strong
and equipped with "values" towards any untoward incident
that might happen or might be experienced.

I can conclude that I used to be personally attached
or "involved" with most friends online, which is prolly one
reason why i cant help meetin them in the MIRC (usually).
Nah, there ya go again...being "too" emotional and
sympathetic with things....I used to get "attached" to
anything that came into my life or stuffs that happens in
my life.

To any of you guys reading this particular entry of mine,
Im very open to any "comments" or "ideas" that might cling
on your mind or even suggestions so that I may overcome
this "unique" type (isnt it?) of syndrome.

way to go, ciao y'all!

5:47 PM