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2001-10-31 08:26:57 (UTC)

An Ode To The Lonely Hearted

I can't honestly say that I was at the best of moods when
Mei announced that her single status had changed
to 'totally attached' over the weekend. I was thrilled
that Chris had the brains to FINALLY pop the question after
TWO whole years of Mei crying and weeping over his innate
denseness and jerkass attitude, the rest of us trying to
talk sense into him into either ending it all or be a nicer guy to
her, Mei calling at 3am in the morning...Well, I am glad.

Maybe not SO joyous.

How can I be when I am now the only one left in the group
who's single (and so available *heh*)? No matter what the
other 3 couples might say, it's definitely going to be
different. And it's even weirder when 2 out of the three
couples in the gang are my closest friends. Geez. I know
I shouldn't be so hung up about all this 'couple-y' stuff
but I can't help it. It's something I have to deal with by
myself. At the present moment, they are all trying to hook
me up with some dude so when we all go out, I wouldn't feel
left out.

Left out that I don't have a boyfriend? I pity the guy
already. He's pretty nice, but not my kind of guy. And
the girls say I'm picky. I can't help it :o) Robin was
really a nice guy, gentlemanly and everything but I just
couldn't connect with him ,if you get what I mean.

I had a nice talk with Charlie the other day. I sent him
an sms that I was feeling a little upset that another of my
best friends got attached. He called and cheered me up
some. Oh yea, I asked him about his friend who was dying
to ask me out (coz he stole my number from his Nokia) and
was his friend so shy? Then Charlie said that his friend
is not good enough for me, I should forget about him coz I
deserve someone better! It was at the tip of my tongue to
ask who was good enough for me but...ah well...He assured
me that I would find someone or that someone would find me.
He was getting sick of his friends getting attached too :o)
And he invited me over to his workplace and called it
the "singles' hangout" *haha* but I had to decline coz my
classmates and I were busy planning our next drama
production. Anyways, I plan to 'pop' by the cafe coz Satz
is interested in him ever since she met him about a month
ago. :o) And I still have his Mambo shirt and he still
wants me to hang on to it. Hmmm...

Well, it's no biggie that I'm single. It's not so bad when
you have a great friend like Charlie (and he's good-looking,
considerate, has a great body...). I say Singles Rule!

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