LiL Georgia Girl
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2001-10-31 06:43:03 (UTC)

WoW Today is a good Day.

Hi there people glad to know you came back well enjoy the
ride tho.. hehe
well today started out when i first woke up i
didnt feel like doing shit i wasnt in such a great mood
then my baby Daniel called me and got me in a better mood
so i got off my ass and clean up around my house alittle
before i left for work, well got to work and some bitch i
work with was being a real smart ass but me being to most
sweetest thing in the wrold i told her to kiss my ass and
shut up with me today i wasnt in the mood for her shit so
she stop talking to me and left to go home then the manger
i am training came to work and got me back in my ood mood
she brights my day up with the laughers and jokes she
tell's she has became a good friend to me in the last few
well now about the love of my life,
well wanna know how thing's are going ...
well let me tell you thing's have been going great for us i
never been so happy in my life and i have thoughts about
going to texas but now i know this is what i want! i just
cant want another day it's like i wanna say fuck sleep and
just start driving... but i wanna say by to my baby
nephew :*( he's so cute i am gonna miss that lil shit to
death, well it's just another day away but it seems like a
life time away!
the more i wait the slower the day goes, daniel has
been a great guy to me and i enjoy talking to him alot when
i aint talking to him i miss him so much it hurt's i wish i
had time to just lay in bed and tell him everything i think
and feel about him, i think if i was to do that it take me
a life time to tell it's so much he's everything i have
ever wanted in a guy...his smile drives me crazy!....
there's thing that i see in him that i dont see in other
guys does that make him special or what, i love his smile,
personality, his heart and soul, i even like it when he
tell's me what to do during phone sex too hehe lol, i even
love him when he's upset with me, but hey aint that what
loves all about yes we have our up's and down's but i know
the love he has for me aint going no where, i'm his true
mate and he's mine thats all that matter's, Daniel is my
number one thing in life right now and the only thing i
wanna do is make him happy i know the only way Daniel is
gonna be happy is when he see's my face in person so i am
gonna make his one wish and fantasy come true this time i
have promsie him a lot of thing's and might have even let
him down a few time's but this is one time i am holding my
word for him, if i never do anything else again i am gonna
meet this Daniel guy that i am 100% in love with and show
him what i am all about i am gonna let his one wish and
fantsy come true this time, and baby ,Daniel i know you
might think i am joking but i am so much in love with you
and i want you to be happy so i am gonna show you my love
and let you know i am so true to you and my heart and soul
is in the plam of your hand daniel your my world and with
out you i am nothing!
well i hope ya'll enjoy what i had to say
tonight more come tomorrow but it's late and i need a
shower and also need to make a call to my baby so i am
heading out ya'll have a great night bye every one and
Daniel I Love You!!!!!

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