Not So Pretty

burn out
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2001-10-31 06:18:09 (UTC)

"I am nothing....."

I was just pondering the fact at whether or not I should
stop wearing black make-up or not....normally (for a normal
person) that wouldn't be a big issue. But it's just that
since my sister used to wear it and she tried to commit
suicide...more times that I would ever like to know, it
basically just means (to my parents) that I'm taking
another step closer to insanity. Or something ilke that.
So after my mother found the cuts all up and down my wrists
and forearms she decided that I could no longer wear black
make-up. But since she's extremely forgetful or else she
just doesn't care... she never made it an actual rule. But
I don't know. My sister's boyfriend is here, and I
accidently walked in on them "makin' out" on her bed today
when my mom called and wanted to talk to my sister and I
had to go into her room and tell her. but oh well. I drew
a picture of a demon today and everyone just kinda looked
at it like it was shit....but ya's better then
cutting myself right? Everyone was like "what is it?" and
I'm like.... "it's a fairy, can't you tell" and they just
kinda stared. Oh well, by the time I took the picture back
into my room and came back out to the dining room I had
them all convinced that it was a dead fairy...or something.
along those lines. Damn it up the ass! Jason's Online!
well, I guess I should go now, so I can talk to him. so...
BYE BYE! have fun! don't get lost! ~Jecka~