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2001-10-31 06:12:13 (UTC)

power of three and the weird world of boys

First of all, this power of three thing is starting to
piss me off now and again. I think Maggie is especially
going out of her way again to maintain her friendship with
Kim. I feel a little more left out than usual. I think
this is because me and Kim seem to have alot of fun together
and I steal some of Maggie's spotlight with her. I hate
that Maggie is so selfish and stubborn sometimes. She's
such the only child. I don't know, I just am really glad
that I'm not like that as much as she is. **This could
potentially be a 'open mouth, insert foot' moment in the
near future so if this should happen, we'll just keep it on
the dl.
Now onto boys. First of all, Adam, the lifeguard, is
not really the boy I thought he was. Well of course, I'm
solely basing this on tonight which is totally wrong but
whatever. And, not to mention one night, but probably a
mere one minute. Anyway...He left early again today from
work. So I'm like, why do you keep leaving early. And he's
like, I'm trying to get rid of hours. So I'm like, why?
And he just kind of gave me a little of an attitude and was
like because I want to get rid of hours. Well, there's no
need to be an asshole about it. Ok, so I'm totally blowing
it out of proportion but he could have just been like,
because I hate working here. Hence the "work sucks deoc"
away message but whatever. I just expect people to bow at
the mere image of my presence I suppose. Well can you
really blame me being a Kueen and all? :) Ok, so I still
don't really know him that well but you know what has come
to my mind?...I have a strange feeling that Adam is similar
to Michael Urso. And Mike in my mind was totally this
amazing person but I think realistically he was kind of an
asshole and a bit immature. So what if Adam is? Well, ok,
then my complete vision of him is totally crushed and I have
to deal with the fact that he really sucks, but who wants to
do that.
Then there's Brad. Brad Moore that is. Well, he's
just really weird. Most Tuesdays he comes in while I'm
working and talks to me before and after he works out.
Today after he worked out he came to hang out with me for
a little while. When he was going to leave I was like ok
and he's like, no you're supposed to say, Brad, no I want
you to stay with me...blah blah blah. So I'm like ok, and
say all of this dumb stuff and he's like ok (like he'll
stay). He's like when do you get off? and I'm like, at
5:30 so he's like, alright, again. He ended up staying with
me until then and then came with me to eat at donovan and
everyone else of course. Oh, but while I was still at work
he was just being all weird and staying weird things.
Brad=Weird. Ok, now that that has been established....well
like it wasn't right at the beginning of the Brad story.
But anyway, he's like, if you were a cupcake I'd eat you up.
What exactly does that mean anyway? I don't really get it
but I just smiled, laughed and was like Brad you're so
weird. I just don't really get him. It's crossed my mind
that maybe he likes me but he has a girlfriend. He was
really odd about that too. He, at one point was like,
there's my girlfriend's dad and he freaked I was
like, why don't you go say hi. So he did and he came back,
whatever, no big deal. Then on our way to dinner he's
talking about his mardi gras experience and he said he was
showing his friend that is a girl pictures. I think he may
have said girlfriend first but clarified, or he may not of,
but the fact that he had to point it out was strange. Like
he didn't want to make it known that he had a girlfriend.
Of course, my brain might just be thinking like that because
I think he kind of likes me a little bit. I don't know if I
would like him because, well one, the whole weird thing, and
I just don't feel like I can talk to him. He just talks
really soft and doesn't really hold a conversation, well
with me, very well. One last thing, on Saturday Brad was
working and when he came out to see me he asked if I was
still going to come visit..even though Bill moved out, so
I'm like, well yeah but I can't call Bill's cell phone to
see what you're doing. So he gave me his cell number and
house number. I gots myself some digits....but I just get
mixed signals from him. I don't really understand.
Ok, last, there's Nick. Well, not really last but for
tonight. Ok, so me, him and jen were all up at the front
today, making fun of Kamie, but that's not the point here :)
Well, he asks me, do you have any other suite mates besides
Rose, and I just didn't want to hear it and then I was kind
of ignoring him. So he's like, well blah blah blah
something about rose and then "and you obviously don't want
anybody" and something else so blah blah blah. So I don't
know if that was like a hint at I may like you but you're
not interested so I'll look somewhere else. And on the
way out after me and Jen were talking about how I view
myself he was like Katie you have nothing to worry about.
Meaning I got some good shit going on. :) Jen said she's
going to talk to him about whatever cause I think she thinks
I should date him, well she thinks I should date somebody
but I think she's going to talk to him or something. But
here's where it gets sketchy. Ok, sexuality much? or maybe
more like, what is yours? Don't really get a straight on
vibe from him. That confuses me and I've already been down
that road. But, it's too late to finish this. I'm off to
bed. Kisses

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