Inside me
2001-10-31 05:28:49 (UTC)

I'm going to cry, but on the bright side, i'm in love :)

Sometime today between going to second encore and st johns music
(where I fell in love with a glittery red guitar that i'm picking up
on thursday) and going to polo park to get my mom's birthday
present, i lost my favorite tuke :( The one i wear whenever
i get cold that covers my ears and everything! The one that
is soft and cuddly and comforts me when I'm sad! The one
that matches my cute little mittens :( shit :(
The blue guitar was somewhat prettier than the red one, and
even so, the red one i held in my arms first, the red one
was sending me vibes and the red one wanted to go home with
me too...she doesn't have a name but I will love her more
than anyone else can and I will treat her with so much
respect cause...I'm in love :)