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2001-10-31 05:28:13 (UTC)

I figured it out!!!

The goddess is with me. She is all around me. She always
was. How do I know? When I was in 3rd grade, I (for the
first time) didn't wanna study for the most easy test in
the world. I failed it, and was really sad. The thing was
though, that that test changed my life. If I got under a
50%, I was moved to a different class. Which I was. I got
45%. The new teacher tought me something I never thought I
would learn in school. She tought me to be open minded. She
tought me to be thoughtful of every point of view, she also
tought me Yoga and Meditation. I had a headache so I didn't
wanna study (I think) and I also just didn't feel like it,
things weren't going in my head. This time I had another
one of those headaches. (I think maybe not) I was in
English and we were discussing politics in connection to
the Elizabethean Era. I got so sick in my stomack and
developed a headache, I thought I was gonna throw up. I
don't know why, (if it was the goddesses doing) why that
moment? Was it because of the negativity? No air? Was it
cause all open minded decisions were cut out and made
weaker? Why did I feel better once I spoke my mind?
Well gotta go.

P.S. plus that thing from my last day at A.K.

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