No Use For A Diary
2001-10-31 05:24:21 (UTC)

go punk rock

Brendan lost his job. I'm so sad for him. First, his car broke down, then he lost his job. How sad! I wish I could do something for him...but my car is broken down. I'm really happy cuz he's letting me stay at his house thursday night. See, he lives by the mall and I work at the mall. My roommates are going out of town...so I have no one to give me rides to and from work...so I'm just gonna stay at Brendan's so I can walk to work. Maybe he'll appreciate the company. He's sad. I always feel weird around him because he's friends with a lot of girls. Even if I did like him more than friends, it would be impossible to make anything happen. That's because I'm way shy and very very fragile lately....because of Zack.
Really, if I'm going to be in a relationship with someone again, he's gonna need to be really caring and willing to understand why I'm so afraid of opening up to a guy or whatever.
I got my grade for my midterm in my philosophy class. The test was so hard. I thought I did good, but I wasn't sure. I didn't study at all...I should have but there's not really much to study in order to write moral deliberation essays...but I got a 89. That's okay I guess, considering I didn't study. But I really need an A in that class. I'm a philosophy major for cryin' out loud!
So here's the punk rock part...I was talking to Joe Queer today and I told him how I wanted to be a merch girl...without hesitation, he said "i'll pencil you in for the next tour"...i'm going on tour with the queers! Oh my god, i'm so excited...I don't know when it's gonna be but I can't wait...plus, going on tour with the queers also means going on tour with dave, the bass player...I really liked him when I met him at the fillmore in SF...he's really nice...and before I recognized him from being in the queers, I liked him...I just thought he was really cool. So that would be so fun. Plus, I've never been anywhere...and I've always wanted to go on a punk rock tour! Woohoo!
It's funny cuz Zack told me once I could be a roadie for Bracket. Of course, he was lying...like he always did. But oh well. I don't care if I ever hear from him again.