random mumblings
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2001-10-31 05:05:27 (UTC)

Knicks 93 Whiz 91

jordon's "triumphant" comeback to madison square garden
ended up in a 7-21 performance with 5 reb, 6 assists (i
believe the assist numbers are inflated), 4 steals and 3
turnovers. he played like shit, the knicks played like
shit, but the knicks won. jordon threw a pass away and
bricked a 3 in clutch time so i laughed. he also chucked
up an airball in the first quarter. sprewell 28 jordon 19

also, vicki was talking to me today and she got laid off work for one
day because she was "toggling" (you get put to the bottom of the
queue when you come back from break, so toggling is taking a one
second break so you can go to the bottom of the queue and get less
calls) and her boyfriend didn't seem to care, so i played
relationship specialist and told her to take a stand and make him
care (not in so many words) but basically to tell him to show an
interest and come over because she was upset and alone etc.
basically he didn't want to unass himself from basketball. so she
said he called her and he came over because she was crying...i feel
bad...i hope i didn't stir up any shit. but if i did it was probably
all for the best considering that he shows no interest at
all...whatever. i'm going to bed