this thing called life
2001-10-31 04:54:05 (UTC)

Should I believe her?

So, my girl called yesterday. She said that she hadn't
received the message I'd left on her cell phone Sunday
afternoon until Monday afternoon (cell phone company screw
up) and that she never checked her home messages. She
seemed genuine about it and said she was looking forward to
seeing me this weekend. Should I believe her? I guess its
a rhetorical question since I do.

One big problem I have on my hands is the fact that I was
originally attracted to this woman because she has her own
life, socially, professionally, etc. I enjoyed the fact
that she'd go out with her friends ocassionally and I'd go
out with mine and neither of us seemed to be too upset with
that. But lately, I'm not so sure I'm comfortable with
this. Mainly because of the miscommunications we've had
lately but it seems like they always follow a night where
she goes out with her friends. I know that she likes to go
out in her sexy outfits and it would be stupid to think
that guys aren't drooling over her because she is sexy.
So, can I trust her? For now I'm going to because I don't
want to feel like I'm trying to control her social calendar
by voicing my concerns. I don't think we're close enough
yet for that but even if I were I'd feel uncomfortable
doing it.

So, for now I'll just be happy that I've got a date for
this weekend!