even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
2001-10-31 04:50:35 (UTC)



so i tricked myself into sleeping just a little more last
night, i had a tim burtonish dream about us as lumberjacks,
after a limp bizkit concert, in these wack woods, got it
was weird, i woke up and went back to slee, and i dont
rememebr the 2nd dream. i don;t feel good, my throat
hurts. kelly said they found a TON of cocaine mixed with
anthrax in columbia, and joselins thinks its doable. i
dontl; see why not, i thought that before also, i thught
htat they might put anthrax int he cigarette filters, and i
hadn;t smoked in a logn time, but the other day i had a
cigarette, and my throat hurts, i hope, liek mad hope that
i don;t have anthrax, id be so pissed if my number's uip,
that drops of jupiter song is on the radio, i hope i don;t
start to cry, god, i fell like shit, i splet well, i think
i need to go to the doctor. i read somewhere once that
most suicides, within a week of killing themsselves go and
see a doctor of some sort.... i don;t think i'll kill
myself, i want to do some many things before i die, i dont
want my life to hav ebeen wasted... kesus, its liek that
alkaline trio song, i really want to live it up, from here
on out, im goign to live it up, that song, i'll adapt it as
my new theme song...

so.. yikes, i guess i felt liek shit, earlier, well, i feel
ok now... kelly an di just amde like, lots of cupcakes for
speech, and that was fun, it go out minds off of stuffo and
on cupcakes.. gees, im really tired it hink.. i think i
need soem sun, or soem sleep, or soemthing, but living liek
this, just aint' gonan work.. my bakc hurts and joslein is
tlkaing to sam about stuffo, gees, tomrow tomrow i;ll talk
abll abotu it, but otnioght, i'll try to talk conherently,
or not at all.. not at all it hink ould be b best... ok...