I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2001-10-31 04:11:33 (UTC)

Interesting Evening

Wow. Well, tonight has been a blast from the past. I went
to a high school concert with the family, and it was fun,
good music, etc. Afterwards I was chatting with the
families of the people that I knew, and all of a sudden
here comes the mother of the only guy I've ever loved. No
biggie, I've seen her around, we're kinda neighbors, not a
problem. Well, I asked about the guy, and he broke up with
the girl that he was planning to marry like, yesterday. I
gave her my number for him, and I really hope he'll give me
a call. Maybe a friendly face would be helpful. I don't
know, but it's odd. I mean, he's never been available
really, but.....I don't know. It caught me off guard. Maybe
I'm not over him. Hm.....I don't know. What do I do? What
if he calls me? Even worse, what if he doesn't call me?