My So called crapy life
2001-10-31 04:07:43 (UTC)

October 30th 2001

well looks as if I have not have alot of time to write in
you, well lets see if we can do lil catch up and then I
will talk about me once more lol, well me and my girlfriend
on will have are 8th month on 11/10/01! wow 8 months that's
long for me! and I love her soo much and I really don't
think any thing can take us apart from each other, well
what else o yea me and heathe. ok get this first me and her
are like kool with each other she tells me about this guy
she likes alot and how he likes her but I really don't like
him but I don't want to tell her, and see when I knew her
she was like acten well how can I put this "white" like
pippy and nice and well nice out look on life, and now she
is tring to be ghetto, and what I really hate is the
spanish grls in my school that are all like fat and they
think they are the best and they try to act like that
popular spanish grls that are well skiny and nice to
people! unlike the fat want to be's that sit near me and my
friends at lunch, that are soo RUDE! I hope one of them is
reading this right now, I really can't stand people like
that, well my life has bin very different lots fo things
are changen for me my XC season is over well bin over and I
ahve time to be online now and I can start work at 5 and
not 6 now *ugh* really don't want it to yea well. I think I
better go now tho sorry I didn't get to talk to you about
much things I just had to get that thing out about the want
to be spanish grls that are jsut fat and will always be