Tucker's Personal Log
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2001-10-31 04:03:16 (UTC)

Losing Concentration: Stardate 10110.30

The following entry is rated...of for crying out loud, I
don't swear in this on, okay? Stop worrying. Jeez.

Well, here we are...the day before All Hallow's Eve...I
should be excited. 19 years ago tomorrow, I was created
over a little too much alcohol...And yet, there's nothing
that's getting me pumped recently. Except for the fact
that I get to go home on Thrusday Night...Y~A~Y!
And on top of that, I get to see my dearest little one, my
Tia, this weekend...Thank Goddess. I don't know if I can
handle being this far apart from her. That's not to say
that I'd dare lose the relationship...That'd be foolish.
Actually, I was more thinking of kidnapping her and
enrolling her in Westfield Regional High School...although
I think I prefer Monument for her education...Never mind.
Doesn't mean to don't miss her any less.

It's a strange condition...I feel, deep inside, that I will
marry that girl. I don't think it's just a puppy love.
We've been through almost a year of relatioship, and then
over a year of apartness (during which we were pretty upset
and cruel to each other...almost hateful, on my side of the
court at least), and now here we are, together again. I
think it's a sign of a strong relationship. If we're so
close that even a year of rivalry cannot destroy the love
that we have inside for each other, I take it as a good
sign. It may be a strange condition, but I love having
it...almost as much as I love her. However, I know that I
love her more than anything. It's difficult to
explain...It's as if, for ages in the past, we've been
together, and it is destiny that we've rediscovered each
other, and that we join in a legal union...after all, our
current union could become no more holy: It is of body,
mind, heart and soul. I feel her pains, and she mine. I
also feel her's a connection that spans across
time and space, defeating everything in its way.

If there's anyone that's reading this, and is suddenly
depressed, please do not feel so: By reading of my
feelings, you will discover them in your life as well.
This is the blessing that I offer you. Accept it with an
open heart, and your life shall find love. Blessed be.

Hmm...Well, since I cannot seem to focus on any problems
today...because I haven't any today (yesterday and today
were absolutely blissful - I laughed really hard just
thinking about my friends at home...It felt good) So I
suppose I'll finish with a quote I heard today, but a poet
named Remi (who may end up being my favorite poet...I've
loved all the work of his I have found). The poem was
written in 1260:

"A million Galaxies are but a little foam
On that shoreless sea
We came whirling out of nothing
Scattering stars like dust
The stars made a circle and in the middle we dance
Every atom turns bewildered
But it is only God circiling Him/Herself"