lil miss vampira

My life story of being a manwhore
2001-10-31 03:48:53 (UTC)

Can it get any worse???

Ugh.. today i finally figured out that i should've never
let Jeremy go.. no matter how childish he could be he was
always there for me. Even though Adam claimed to be better,
he never was.. but now i dont have either... and once
again i've had my heart trampled on, oh well im use to
it... just gotta pick up the pieces and keep moving on in
life.. yesterday i got a message.. and it made me feel good
about myself.. it really uplifted my heart and soul and
made me think "hey, i deserve better than what im getting"
So now here i am.. once again writing a weird yet inspiring
entry to whoever will read it... just remember, no matter
how hard life gets there's going to be a light at the end
of the tunnel and besides, hard times is part of life if
you go through life without them, did you ever really
live?? think about it.. it may not make any sense but maybe
one day you will understand.. until then im going to keep
on living my life the way i want to and have my "little
boys" break my heart.. i just wish i didnt have as many as
ive had but hell.. it only makes me a stronger person and
more aware and observant in life, maybe i'll do better next
time.. lets just keep our fingers crossed... until next