Blonde And Dangerous
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2001-10-31 03:38:52 (UTC)

yes. it's more from the brunchings shuttlecocks....

"Just LOOK at this goiant boah! He's BAYOOTIFOHL!"

It's like "Six Flags Over Psychotic Depression," and
Cerberus is the Ultra Twister.

If I came across an organization arguing that people who
sell produce at Farmer's Markets aren't all actually
fucking their vegetables, I'd certainly start examining my
broccoflower more closely before cooking it.

If the real world were more like the Fisher-Price world,
we'd have happier dogs and more people bleeding to death on
the freeway asphalt.

It's nice of Fisher-Price to include a dissident among all
the smiling Little Constantly Happy People.
There. More wit for the night. Hello.
Is it favoritism when you just *happen* to love the team
your best friends play on and hate the team the people you
despise play on? I think not."
Mara wittisim. (Yeah. I *knew* how to spell that one.)

"There are so many things, I'd like to ask you"

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