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2001-10-31 03:32:40 (UTC)

Ahhhhh, Life as we know it.

Well, this is what's up...

Today my *sigh* dad had surgery. This time may be the last
tie he gets to keep his leg, if he doesn't start dong what
the doc tells him to do. Tomorrow, Mommy and I are going to
the hospital to visit him and to shhhh stea his cigs so he
can't smoke. Doc says he HAS to give it up. Yeah, right
like that will happen.

Poor Tabitha has to put up with us smokers. She's allergic
to em'. I've tried to quit, but mydad won't let me. You
would understand if you lived here. That's why if we can
get him to quit I can. It's hurtsthat I have an addiction
that is hurtin my sister. I've just got to try harder.

Any way,I'm beging to wonder if I a ever going to get rid
of the pain in m joints. It hurts so bad to do aything any
more. I just want some answer and for the pain to stop. But
everything turns up negative.

LOL. My boyfriend just tol me that he likes my friend... Hi
Michelle! lol. He was like Ummm is it cool that I like her?
I said yeah cuz we are in two different states. He's
intitled to feel anyway he wants. I men I don't own him.I
just think it's cute.

So anyway, i think I am going to let it go here. My hnd
hurts from typing. HI MICHELLE! LYLAS!

PS. I hope everyone out there has a wonderful day :)

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