My life as told by ME!
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2001-10-31 03:19:24 (UTC)


Even though I just got through typing a 6 page paper I am
very happy- my hair is nice and purple, I love my boyfriend
dearly, and i just feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I
somehow feel like things are going to be all right in the
end. Must be the fumes from the bleach I used on my hair ^_~
But really, I have cried a couple times and I feel as
though I am ok, life is ok, and I am going to be fine. Like
a big weight is gone, ya know? I do hope this feeling
lasts. I get to see Tucker this weekend~YAY~ *does a dance*
I miss him so much it hurts. But I love him enough to make
this long distance plan work. It has to, I am not going to
lose him again. *sigh* bah- I still have to clean the
kitchen. I get paid for this at J&J- why do I have to do it
when I get home? ,

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