Damsel in Distress

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2001-10-31 02:59:11 (UTC)


well, my mom keeps coming in my room and annoying me. my
room and saying hi. its annoying, but i guess i am at a
point where i need someone there even if its an annoying
mom. i had sex with this guy i really really care about,
and well i could have been pregnant. i took one pregnancy
test via blood by my general doctor and it came up negitive
(which was 3 days after i had sex) two weeks after via
peeing in a cup it came up positive. now i have my period
via pills that induce period and i had a really hard
period. i usually have heavy periods, but this one was
really heavy, i still have my period and have had my period
for a two weeks now. well, i am no longer pregnant. was it
a false negitive or positive? i told the guy i was not, but
i never told him that it was possibly a false negitive,
should i tell him? well, i am kinda on track with my life,
and i might lay off sex for awhile. i think i should just
put the past behind me and move on towards the future. that
is all i can do.