to. Knight

The soul of a man
2001-10-31 02:53:00 (UTC)

I'm so hungry

I ate an ego this morning, two pieces of pizza at lunch,
then nothing until's 10 oclock. I'm so hungry..I
need some money.

In other news,
I done with this documentary. I am stictly in the loggin
stages. I'm tired. i wish I could cuddle up with my girl
right now, but oh well.

today was was super busy. tomorrow is going to
be about nothing but sleep, and some studying.

unless i decide to get some work done on my car....that is
if and only if.

I put together a great sports package today. I'm pretty
proud of myself. alright, well that's it for today...oh
yea..I'm still waiting for my financial aid money..:(

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