The Nightshade Princess
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2001-10-31 02:48:05 (UTC)

I know...

Melissa and I are doing both doing better once again.
My food intake for the day has been: a few hunks of tofu
with sauce, two bowls of rice with soy butter, and a little
container of soy yogurt. Someone poured white powder on
some public phones at a convenient station not a couple of
blocks from my house. Terrorists have warned us to be
prepared for this week. I live in a relatively
insignificant town anyway, and the chances that it's just a
prank are infinately high, but I can't get the paper or the
mail anymore, and that's bothersome. It makes me just a
bit jumpy. I really don't care what happens to me, it's
the ones I love whom I am infinately worried for.
The love of my life was thinking of taking a looong
walk somewhere (he doesn't know where) and just going to
sleep where ever he finds a place to lie down. I really
wish he wouldn't... in fact I am going to try and get him
to my house for Hallowe'en this year. I got an indefinate
answer from father, so I do not know for certain what's
going on.
My love for LesTaT deepens every time I see him or
hear him or speak to him online. I am certain I've already
mentioned this but still I cannot help myself but say it
again. He's so beautiful in every way, yet he does not see
it. He brings an awsome ray of hope into my life. You
can't be told when love happens, you just KNOW... and I
KNOW it has happened... it's the same with a soulmate. If
you have to ask, then they are not likely to be your
soulmate at all. He IS my soulmate. It feels as though we
are already bound forever in the legal web of marriage. We
are so solid and so in tune with each other. It just seems
meant to be.