Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2001-10-31 02:44:01 (UTC)

Why Guitarists are strong

My arm is like, numbish. It hurts and its numb. I tried
playin the guitar a different way and i worked a different
muscle and it burned. like the same way it felt when i
first started playing the bass, the way my right hand felt,
the muscle in your forearm, it just burns for awhile.
Thats how my left one is. Lol. Thats why guitarists are
so fricken strong. If they practice alot, theyre strong.
And ive arm wrestled some and lost miserably. Lol. Or is
it cuz they were dudes and im a chick.... lol. The world
may never know. ;)

Whats botherin me is i dunnos how to do a palm mute!!! I
keep tryin to figure out... butst i dont have the song to
listen to.... lol. Yeah, Im a dork.

Anyhoos, I loves my muffin way much, and i love my huggles
and my bff.

Laters all.