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2001-10-31 01:58:28 (UTC)

don't worry

we are too serious abt the mid-term exam, i do think. it's
not our major, it's not any exam that if we fail we can't
get a job... yes, it's 50%, but 2 field reports are 40%.
at least, we can get 30% from field reports and 20% from
the exam... that means we are so sure to pass the damn
gong's course. don't be worried too much.

last night, i was really so sorry that we had to run away
to get rid of that damn ghost, i was really extremely sorry
abt that. huh... just thought that if i could have an
independent house, we could be so comfortable to be in
there and stay... and relax. anyway, that's what we can do
in the future.

yes, u are right. at least, i can get a job as a RA. it's
a bad job for sure, however, better than none. i should
feel secure and win every interview if i have. u2.

i'm sure today we all can pass through the damn mid-term.

i love u.