My Life.............
2001-10-31 01:23:36 (UTC)

I am so tired!!!!:(

i have tay till 9, we went out to eat and took Holly down
some french fries with gravy, and bought tay some cookies
and milk, damn she walks so freakin slow! took us about an
hour to get from her house to my house, it shouldnt take
that long, i kept yelling at her to move faster, gee wiz!
tomorrow is trick or treat, i know its going to wear me
out.:( hopefully tay wont want to stay out for very long....
saw my aunt in weis, of course she didnt talk to me but
she talked to Holly, i dont think she likes me.LOL i dont
know why, i never did anything to her... oh well........
I cant get my freakin aim to connect! i dont know if Jeff
was on or not, this has happened before but after a few
tries i got right back on, i hope it comes on again! id
hate to not know when Jeffy is on.:( although he wasnt on
yesterday or earlier today when i could get on.:(