my diary
2001-10-31 01:17:16 (UTC)

Mine and rikos Rpg

October 30 2001

The first thing i should say is I am Hikaru. I have a boy friend
named Zack. I`ll tell you about him later. I have a mother named
Tadashi. My father is Goru Clef. I have a friend who is exactly like
a brother to me and his " Girl friend" is Zack's sister Brianna. Me
and Zack have been planing this for months. The olny problem was that
umm well my mom dosent agree that i was mature enouff to stay there
for two weeks. She is going talk to torans parents. (hours later)
They said if i could get toran to come with me and stay that i could
stay there. I think i will try a direct aproche. I tried to get him
to come by begging him that dosent work. Well its back to the drawing
boards. I will talk to you later. Bye for now.

december 3 2001

sorry i havent updated for a wile, i wont be here for a wile agin i
will try.