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2001-10-31 01:11:31 (UTC)


I've had an exhausting few days. Friday night started the
entire crisis. I had absolutely no idea what I was getting
myself into. I'm just glad it's over. Friday night
started out pretty normal. Alan and I decided to stay in
since nothing much was going on anyways. The past few
weeks have been a little different. He's been somewhat
distant and withdrawn. Not all the time but enough for me
to notice it. I finally got sick of feeling like he didn't
really care if I was there or not. So I asked him whether
he wanted me there or not. From there it just blew up out
of control. I spent the next 4...yes 4 hours bawling my
head off. To make matters worse he was crying harder than
I was. I can't take that. Thankfully today we worked
everything out. I was really worried about us. We've
never had anything more serious than a disagreement over
which movie to rent. I'm getting ready to head to our
volleyball game. Hopefully this will be the last game.
It's just not as fun as it was last year. I've got so much
shit to do. What is it about the end of the quarter that
makes profs pile the shit on? Just two more weeks and I'll
be home. I'm excited to go home but I know I'll be ready
to come back after a few weeks. I'm going to finish up
some projects due this week.