losing weight!
2001-10-31 01:07:14 (UTC)

Wish me luck!

Starting today I'm gonna eat practically nothing!

I've already lost 9lbs by having 400-600 calories a day.
But the last few days I've kinda lost it. Nevermind, it
starts again today. In all, I wanna lose 3 stone(about

Today I'm gonna try and eat as little as possible. I'm
having a house party Saturday night and hopefully Sy will
be there (looking gorgeous) so I wanna lose about 3lbs by

I wanna lose about 20lbs by xmas (3lbs a week) So I've
really gotta try hard. We got a cross trainer machine
recently so I'll go on that to speed things along.

Any words of insperation or support would really help,

Well, gotta go coz it's about 1am! See ya x