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2001-10-31 00:55:18 (UTC)

Drugs & other items of interest....

At this moment as I type this:

The weather outside is gray & rainy (yuck!)-----I’m at work
(bored)----Staring at my purple iMac----looking at “Mr. Party”
(this thing I just bough at Starbucks for Halloween, very cute
glow-in-the-dark skeleton finger puppet with a stick of candy
up his ass)---looking at my pin-up board (various artistic
pictures of cocktail glasses, a Salvador Dali card, a great
postcard from Germany, a dragon wind chime for good luck,
a Mexican prayer purse, a picture of Oscar Wilde with a
tacked up “fuck’ em” pasted on it, a black leather whip (it’s
work related)……

Oh yeah, I’d like to write something about drugs. A favorite
topic of mine.
I’ve tried almost every drug out there. Well, to be honest, not
every drug, just the major ones that most people have heard
or read about.

Are drugs good: yes.
Are drugs bad: yes.

I used to think drugs were cool. Now, I just indulge if they’re at
a party or a friend offers me something. A few days ago my
sister’s husband gave me a few Vicodin pills. Oh, I love
Vicodin, especially taken with a glass of brandy, or a Grey
Goose Martini. Lulls me right into outer space. Well, since I’m
not drinking at the moment (not until the 9th –see first journal
entry) that was not an option, so I had to end up taking them
liquor free.—insert sad face here--.
I went to my regular doctor a few days ago and told her that I
have this fear of flying (I’m not) and said that my vacation is
coming up and that I really needed something to sooth my
nerves during the trip.

What I got: Xanax
What I wanted: Valium

Xanax is something I’ve never taken. I’m a little apprehensive
about taking any of them. I looked up the side effects on the
web and holy Christ(! )There were a lot of them. The side
effect that worried me the most was that some people (rare)
have been known to become violent while taking Xanax. This
put me off right away. I want something to relax me not turn
me into a violent psychopath! Valium I know about, have
never had any bad reactions to, oh why didn’t she prescribe
me Valium? Well, I called my doctor with my worries and she
said not to worry. So, here I am, debating whether or not to
take one. So far I’ve decided to be the Xanax guinea pig
tomorrow, Halloween! I’m going to take one as soon as I get
home from work, I’ll let you know how it went.

Till tomorrow all…….Love from Martini